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Solo Stove

Solo Stove manufactures fire pits and camp stoves unlike any you’ve seen before. What began in 2010 with a single highly efficient camp stove has grown into a much-loved range of peerless, high-quality fire pits and camp stoves. 

Using patented technology and sleek stainless steel design, each Solo Stove features air intake holes, which continuously draw air toward the fuel source. The double-walled construction heats the air and feeds it through the top vents, creating secondary combustion with the pre-heated oxygen. The resulting fires are long-burning and vibrant and create a high-heat cooking flame with little smoke.

Robinson ACE Hardware is a certified dealer of Solo Stove products. We stock a selection of accessories and fire pits, including the best-selling Bonfire. Not sure which Solo Stove is right for you? Not to worry! Our knowledgeable team is always available when you visit and can answer all your questions.

Fire Pits and Accessories

Backyard Fire Pits: 

Solo Stove backyard fire pits have amassed hosts of enthusiastic devotees, and with good reason. While these cylindrical stainless steel fire pits may look unassuming, their patented design includes an ultra-effective airflow system that consumes wood more completely to produce fast-lighting, long-burning, low smoke fires. 


Solo Stove’s bestselling fire pit, the Bonfire, is the perfect backyard fire pit for families and friends to gather around. Unlike typical fire pits, the Bonfire is designed to maximize heat while minimizing smoke and ash. The durable, double-walled design feeds the fire with heated oxygen carried from the bottom of the stainless steel structure, making it perfect for toasting marshmallows or cozying up on a chilly night.


The 27” Yukon is Solo Stove’s biggest backyard fire pit. The Yukon combines the patented design and durable 304 stainless steel to create an extra-large backyard fire that can’t be beat. Unlike traditional firepits, fires are fast to light in these fire pits and burn cleanly and efficiently, producing low smoke and leaving behind only easy to clean ultra-fine ash.


The compact Ranger may be the smallest of the Solo Stove fire pits, but it still packs a big punch and is the perfect option for small spaces. As with the entire line of backyard fire pits, the Ranger utilizes stainless steel construction and the patented double-walled design to produce a quick-lighting, clean-burning low smoke fire. At just 15lbs, the Ranger is a versatile, portable option for those who want a fire pit that works just as well in the back yard as it does on the campsite.

Solo Stove Accessories


Solo Stove shelters offer durable waterproof proof protection for your Yukon, Ranger, or Bonfire fire pit. Made from PVC-coated polyester, it holds up even in high-wind environments and boasts a reinforced 6061 aluminum domed roof to keep water from collecting on top of the unit when not in use. 


This stainless steel spark arrester is designed to keep embers and sparks from leaving your fire pit, giving you added peace of mind. The two-piece design allows you to lift the top of the shield as needed to add more wood to your fire without removing the entire shield. 


How does my Solo Stove work? 

Solo Stove’s patented design creates cleaner-burning, more efficient fires than typical methods. It starts at the bottom of the cylinder, where air is pulled through the vent holes, and fuels the fire at its base.This air movement also proceeds through the dual-chambered barrel to the top of the structure, feeding preheated oxygen to the top of the burn chamber. A precision base plate sits beneath the fire, supplying oxygen to the embers to create a full burn and intense flame, while spent ash falls to the ash pan below rather than clogging the airflow. Working in tandem, each element of Solo Stove’s precise design ensures more complete combustion of biofuel, resulting in hotter fires with less smoke. 

What type of fuel can I use with my Solo Stove? 

Sole Stove camp stoves use twigs, sticks, leaves, and other biomass as fuel. Any firewood can be used with the fire pits, though hardwoods such as hickory, oak, and maple will produce longer burning fires than softwoods. An alcohol burner is also available for the Solo Stove Lite and Titan for those who prefer an alternative fuel source. 

Does my Solo Stove come with a cover? 

Solo Stove camp stoves and fire pits come with a nylon carrying case. For fire pits that will be kept outdoors year-round, a weather-resistant shield is available separately. 

What accessories are available? 

While your Solo Stove doesn’t require any additional accessories, you can complement your purchase with a range of accessories to suit your needs, including Solo Stove covers, stands, pots, tools, and other items.